Aligning the Community Around Inclusion

The Network that grew out of the last three Building a Community of Belonging Forums is working toward aligning Kalamazoo around what real inclusion of people with disabilities means and does not mean. We have created a Commitment to Inclusion Checklist which is available here or if you contact us we can get you a Survey Monkey version. Recently, Michele McGowan of Disability Network of Southwest Michigan shared with us a Scale of Inclusion.

This scale outlines levels of how people with disabilities are treated in various organizations. From being segregated into special programs, to just being in the facility to truly being part of an organization.

We encourage you to use the Checklist developed by the Network and review the Scales of Inclusion to take a look around the community. If you find that some places are not as inclusive as they would like to be – you can tell them about The Arcadia Institute. We are here to help organizations to learn to be responsible for supporting whomever wants to participate in their programs and services.