A Wide Smile

Sam was up and ready to go on Monday bright and early. He was going to his first day of day camp at the YMCA Sherman Lake Camp. This was going to be a new experience for him and he was a little apprehensive. On the drive to the camp bus stop, he was very quiet and looked out the window. The Camp Counselor greeted Sam warmly and he got on the bus. As the bus drove off, he waved out the window with a shy smile on his face.

The next morning, Sam was outside on his porch with the widest smile waiting for his ride to the bus stop. He could not wait to get to camp. His first day of camp had been a blast. He had gotten to swim, climb a rock wall and his favorite thing was learning to play the game Gaga. He had even made a new friend.

This is what happens when children with disabilities are welcomed, supported and respected in community programs like the YMCA Sherman Lake Camp.