A Salute to Support Staff Who Make Choice Happen

Many of the individuals that we work with have support staff who can take them into the community to do things of their choice. We have observed that some of these staff do a really good job of supporting individuals' choices. Gloria, who works for Residential Opportunities Inc., is support staff for four of the Participants we have met. She is exceptional. First we meet with the Participant and Gloria to find out what the Participant likes and wants to do. After we come up with ideas, then, Gloria truly works with us to make the activity happen, even if there are significant challenges.

Recently, Gloria has been taking a Participant to an agency that operates a resale shop. The Participant loves clothes, looking at clothes, trying on clothes and buying clothes. It took awhile, but now the Participant looks forward to going to the resale shop and helping. She has gotten to know the other volunteers and they have gotten to know her. This Participant used to spend most of her days in her room. Now, because of Gloria's efforts she is willing to try even more new things in the community.

While we provide information about community opportunities, we salute support staff like Gloria who really make doing activities that are individuals' choices a reality!