A New Singing Career

The first time we met Pete he told us that he didn’t have a lot of time to do things in the community because he had baseball games to watch. However, he sang “There’s no business like show business” in an Ethel Merman-like voice for us. And then he proclaimed that he had “Mermanized” us! His father then told us that Pete used to sing in competitions around Michigan. Pete has a wonderful voice and finally told us that he would like to perform again. He said that he had performed in nursing homes in the past and would be willing to try again.

Now, once or twice a month Pete goes to a couple of assistive care facilities in Kalamazoo and preforms for the residents. To their delight he loves to sing show tunes and has a really large repertoire of songs. Pete enjoys interacting with the residents as well. He seems to have time away from watching sports on TV and is looking forward to more opportunities to perform. Pete is “mermanizing” the community!