A Full Life When You Belong in Your Community

The blog this week was written by Dr. Allison Hammond, Executive Director of The Arcadia Institute. My days is good to all my family and friends

and my case workers and my staff and my bowling friends

and work and clubs and Metro drivers

and aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins and my brothers and sister-in-law.

My mom and dad and my dog Molly and my workers.

And my TV shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000, DVDs and videos

Battle Star Galatica, The A Team, Knight Rider, Bat Man and Dukes of Hazzard DVD.

Jamie LaPorte

Jamie LaPorte is a regular member of Connect Kalamazoo. Her rarely misses a meeting. One of the best things about Jamie is that he often shares little gems of information and ideas when we are planning for the Annual Building a Community of Belonging Forums. Jamie reminds us that we need to appreciate all of our community connections and celebrate those who make our lives full!