Kalamazoo County 4H Perspective

This week the blog was written by John Burhans who directs the Kalamazoo County 4H. Kalamazoo County 4-H had the opportunity to have Allison Hammond and Hyun Berkley from the Arcadia Institute come and train the leaders on situations they may encounter with youth. We learned ways to support youth who may have disabilities. Following the training, a common theme voiced was it was worth the time and each leader got something out of it. Now Kalamazoo County 4-H is looking for ways to connect with all youth and welcome them within the program.

Other things that rang out throughout the training were the activities or things we learned could be incorporated with all youth. The interpersonal skills the youth could develop would benefit them and a lot of the resources could be used with “over-enthusiastic” youth to keep them centered and focused. We hope that our partnership with Arcadia Institute and Kalamazoo County 4-H continues to grow.